Top-5 WP Plugins to Download – A Guide for Web Developers

Are you looking for great plugins? Today we will reveal the basic and the most interesting ones. This article is suitable for those who only start and for experts wishing to review something.

If you look at the basic WordPress, it will look quite boring. Moreover, those who are at the beginning of the journey usually leave everything as it is. But we want to show you some plugins to make any type of website brighter and more convenient for users.

Buttons for social sharing

This type of plugin can be seen almost everywhere. They allow users to show what they saw, read, or bought to their friends and other followers. Adding such buttons provide you with new loyal clients.

Live Chat

For many users, it is hard to ask questions by writing an e-mail to your company. If you use one of the most useful WordPress Plugins with a client support created as a chat, you will have a chance not to lose customers. Fast answers attract those who choose a product between many brands.

Tables consisting prices

This way of representing information devoted to prices is a great thing when we speak about an ordinary client who is interested in saving money. Download this plugin to increase the level of usability.

A photo gallery

Do you have a lot of visual information? Put it in a library of images to make sure it will be convenient for users to look through the photos.

H5: A contact form

This product is a great solution for saving clients’ time on solving problems associated with your products. If you open the most popular services and shops, you will probably see there such a plugin.