The Power of business process automation

Business process automation has entered the business world through the front door and it is going strong. No, business process automation is not something too good to be true. business process automation can be achieved with various software solutions which are available today and can be afforded by most companies.

Technology has arrived and it offers us great help towards improving our business efforts. A company that doesn’t adopt technology will never be able to compete and get good business results. Those who understand marketing understand that it is important to keep up with the trends and latest opportunities.

The same rule applies to business process automation technology. Still, if you aren’t convinced, bear with us for a little longer, learn the true power of business process automation software, and see for yourself what benefits your business or marketing department can have by implementing one.

A drastic increase in efficiency

Marketing and sales have grown a lot in the past years for all businesses. No matter if an organization has a hundred employees or ten, it is still limited by its workforce resources when it comes to the overall efficiency. business process automation allows you to increase your “efficiency potential” and make the most of your workforce.

Additionally, small companies need to market themselves properly in order to grow. In marketing, there is no such thing as enough. All companies, even those small ones, look to reach as many people as possible and try to make their presence known. They might have issues with a large number of customers, but those are sweet problems to have.

This is where business process automation can help them a lot and allow them to be up there with the big players with their marketing efforts. When it comes to big organizations, the benefit of business process automation is most visible in organizing and running large marketing processes which go through a lot of people and departments.

Making your marketing and sales cycle shorter

A business process automation software allows a business to nurture all of its leads no matter if they are old or new. They allow workflow automation and automated email campaigns. You can create many different marketing campaigns which reflect on the potential actions of your leads and then add them to your business process automation software. Once you’re done, your automation will nurture your leads by offering them relevant content through their interests and actions.

When you do this, you will be able to close deals more quickly and generate a higher amount of sales. Given the fact that business process automation can monitor many leads at the same time and track all of the important actions and interests that trigger the nurturing process, it simply works better than humans.

Gathering more knowledge about leads

business process automation software has many strengths but one of the most praised is probably the power to learn more about your leads in an accurate and easy way. When set up properly, automation software can monitor which pages have been viewed by every individual lead and in what way, which emails did they open, did they click on any links within an email and whether or not they filled out a form.

Employees don’t have to do anything but set up how the software will gather this information and any other tracking it provides. This is how you can quickly gain insights about where your leads are, what are they looking for, what kind of content appeals to them.

By combining business process automation software with a CRM solution, you can instantly import this data into your CRM and even perform valuable analytics to spot trends.

An example of business process automation software that can work with a CRM:

Bringing marketing and sales together

Marketing and sales departments need to work closely together and collaborate in order to establish quality practices and be more effective. Some are calling this new method “smarketing” as it is becoming common practices. With marketing automation, you can align the goals of these two departments by relying on website tracking and lead scoring.

All of the customer information you gather from marketing efforts can be utilized to the fullest to make sales. With business process automation software, you can create reports that will show most scoring leads. Your sales team can utilize on this information to approach leads which are ready to make a purchase.

We tried to keep it as short as possible and to reveal the power of marketing automation. Bear in mind that there are also many other benefits from these kinds of solutions such as personalization, customer retention, cost-efficiency, and so on.