Restrictions and Prohibitions in Bestmixer

If you want to mix coins with Bestmixer it’ll be quite clear how to do this. Open the website and press the “Start Mixing!” button then follow the instructions filling the necessary information. But we know how many problems may appear if users don’t know the prohibited actions and those which lead to unpredictable results. In this article, we’ve collected all of them.

You can’t stay unaware of Bestmixer updates

If you read the terms of use you’ll know that it’s only users’ responsibility to know about the new features and rules. Regularly read the website and use new possibilities not forgetting about the responsibilities.

The service is prohibited in some parts of the world

Bestmixer’s developers want to help as many people as they can but sometimes the problem with regional laws may appear. So remember the one important detail about the USA. If USA residents want to mix cryptocurrency with this service, it’ll be impossible for them. It doesn’t matter which state or district a person from, it’s also not important whether you’re an individual or a company.

The list of prohibited services

And, of course, there’re restrictions for the types of services for sending coins to. The number of them is huge but the main are: connected with drugs, pyramid selling, sexual services, counterfeit goods, anything consisting abuse, discrimination and terrorism etc.

As you can see, litecoin tumbler isn’t interested in illegal actions. Everything is allowed and clear. However, we recommend finding out the regional laws which can punish for anonymity or cryptocurrency earning and transaction.