Push notifications for Android or iPhone

Mobile push ads are notifications that you receive on your phone from various applications. You cannot attach these alerts to your site. It is possible to receive browser-based notifications on the Android via chrome, but these alerts are very substandard. Read on to find out more about push ads on Android and iPhone.

Android and iPhone push notifications

Push-technology is one way of disseminating information when data comes to the screen of the device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) based on the set parameters. In simple terms, these are notifications that the applications transmit and that appear on the user’s device screen.

The first company that launched push notifications for their devices was Apple – push notifications appeared on the OS X operating system. Later, they appeared on other operating systems, including mobile such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.

Push notifications are getting important information. For example, WhatsApp messenger -the application is closed, push notifications are turned on, the device is connected to the internet. When a user (you) is sent a message, a push notification appears on the device screen with a message.

Thus, you do not miss an important message, of course, provided that you have an internet connection and, most importantly, you are allowed to receive push notifications.

But push-notifications are not always useful, sometimes they are annoying. A simple example – you installed the game, played it, closed it, and safely forgot about it. After some time, the application sends you a push notification – they say, why you forgot about the game, play again. This may be annoying because first, not everyone is happy that the application sends completely unnecessary messages, and secondly, such notifications can come even at night when you are sleeping. Of course, this is accompanied by a ringing melody.

Fortunately, push notifications can be easily turned off, and it can be done for each application separately.

To set up push notifications for the site, to determine what exactly you want from them, and then choose the advertising Push notifications network. Push messages are needed in order not to get lost, not to leave the information field of your audience. You can configure the distribution of messages for certain events and remind yourself, your customers, or the team about what is happening on the project.